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'How can I track the performance of my leaflet campaigns?'

If you have ever planned a leaflet distribution, this must be one of, if not the most pressing question to ask. Well, we are glad to say we have just the right tool for you. Keep on reading to find out how Flow can reliably track how effective your distribution is to help you master the art of leaflet marketing.

A general guide in marketing is always to create as many touchpoints as possible across multiple channels. However, it is also a fact that no matter how big a marketing campaign might be, it is still restricted by a budget. Therefore, to effectively navigate this maze of intertwined channels and touchpoints, the ability to report a clear and quantifiable ROI is as important as ever.

Although it is a more physical channel, the effectiveness of leaflet distributions isn't always easy to track. Aware of this predicament, with a commitment to assisting our clients in growing their businesses, Flow has developed a reliable mechanism to help track the performance of past leaflet campaigns and plan future distributions.

How do we do it?

Flow's tracking mechanism can be broken down into two main reports: matchback and holdout.

The purpose of a matchback report lies right in its name. It matches the results of leaflet campaigns back to the postcodes selected for distributions and visualises it in an interactive heat map. When paired with an identifier particular to the leaflets (such as a unique discount code or a link), this report can reliably attribute a sale or a website visit directly to a distribution with a certain level of credibility.

Furthermore, according to a recent research by MarketReach, 'the average time door drops are kept in the house is 38 days,' and the majority of door drops are 'opened, read, filed or set aside for later.' As such, Flow carries out matchback reports in intervals of 30 days, 60 days and 90 days from the landing date of each drop. This helps to ensure that we are fully reporting the impacts of a leaflet distribution throughout its lifespan, which will provide clients with a more holistic view of their ROI.

At the end of a campaign's 90-day lifespan, Flow also has another tool to give you a better view of your ROI - a holdout report. With this report, we track the performance of a 'control group' of postcodes that have been excluded from the campaign and compare it against those that have been targeted. The control group is carefully selected so that it makes up a population comparable in size or demographic to the targeted postcodes.

By comparing the performance of the 'control group' to the targeted group, the holdout report gives insights into how much 'lift' the campaign has generated. In other words, it quantifies the difference that your leaflet campaign makes. In addition to providing another metric to measure your ROI, it can also act as a guide for your future campaigns by clearly indicating whether you are investing in the correct postcodes.

How useful is it?

We first created this tracking mechanism specifically for our client - Manscaped. With them being based in the US, it was particularly important to quantify the impacts of their campaigns in order to to help you easily track the ROI for their campaigns.

Along with our high-quality leaflet printing and distribution service, our tracking mechanism has given Manscaped confidence in their campaigns in the UK. Since their first distribution with us in November 2021, Manscaped has been carrying out regular distributions, with their monthly quantity having increased by almost 300%.

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Next Step

Only one question remains. How can this tool be applied to your business? Contact us now, and one of our experienced sales consultants can answer this exact question and so much more. With a dedication to making business simpler, cheaper and faster for our clients, we will be sure to develop a tracking system tailored to you to help you unleash the full potential of your leaflet campaigns.

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