Direct Mail , Marketing What is Direct Mail Drip Marketing?

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What is Direct Mail Drip Marketing?

The drip marketing strategy is where you repeat (drip feed) your direct mail marketing material to the same audience regularly. With direct mail (and any other marketing service), the drip marketing strategy enhances your response rates. It creates a continuous flow of new prospects.

"Advertising mail delivers increased customer value by increasing sales activity through long-term engagement." DMA

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Drip marketing vs 'one-hit wonder'

When you consider the most memorable brands, they didn't get there from a one-off marketing campaign. It was from continually building their brand awareness, which developed brand trust, and ultimately brand engagement. You will build your business by drip-feeding your target audience consistently with your direct mail and other marketing media. One-off direct mail can provide short term spikes, but they don't generate the long-term impact of drip marketing.

"Mail isn't a one-off thing in a box; it's about building connections over time." JICMAIL

Marketing trials are ineffective

Statistics vary, but on average people need to see your marketing at least seven times before they will take action - this is known as the rule of 7. Some may respond much sooner than this, but that may be more down to lucky timing than strategic brilliance! As a result, a one-off marketing 'trial' will likely be unproductive - it would be like trialling a personal trainer for one session and expecting instant results! Therefore, to see your business benefit most, you must utilise the drip marketing strategy with your direct mail marketing.

"Your advertising mail (including leaflets, flyers and brochures) will deliver the best results if you design it with a big-picture view. Ensure that you map your customer journey out over a full year." DMA

Drip Marketing Implementation

To achieve significant results from your direct mail, at Flow, each of our experienced Sales Consultants can build and implement a bespoke strategy for your business. The process will factor in demographic data, type of mailer, artwork, print, quantity and frequency. This is then all fulfilled in our 15,000sq. ft. facilities. Our most successful long-term customers all utilise this strategy for their direct mail marketing.

Please do contact us today and express your interest in the power of drip marketing to build your business.