Direct Mail , Marketing , Team Giant Strides for Flow Solutions

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I don't know how you and your business have found the last 12 months? Challenging is probably the most common word here! At Flow, we have moved in giant strides over the last year, and in doing so, we've helped so many great clients dramatically build their business too. As you read on, we will share with you the whirlwind of the last 12 months we've had!

March 2020 - Door to Door Merger

In March 2020, we merged with a multi-award-winning door to door company, Mr Flyer. The start was hardly ideal - they moved in with us two weeks before the first lockdown - hardly enough time to unify two businesses! However, this merger has worked out fantastic for both parties, leading to extensive growth and a much more balanced workforce, notably a complete sales and marketing team and new services. Best of all, our clients are continuing to see excellent results.

July 2020 - Big Hairy Audacious Goal

With lockdown easing, we needed to work on strategy. Not only was/is our external environment changing rapidly, but we had two businesses to unify. The fundamental synergy was evident, our core service is direct mail, and Mr Flyer's is leaflet distribution; they are complementary services. But our ambitions are big. So we worked on big picture strategy, making the most of Pestel, VRIN, Porter's 5 forces and multiple other business analysis tools. As brain-straining as these sessions were, they worked! We now have synergised brands with overarching values that ensure our quality of service is consistent across both brands. Here's what we created:

Core Values:

  1. We will build your business
  2. Should be a no brainer decision
  3. Advise and educate rather than sell

Purpose: To educate, advise and provide solutions for our customers to build their business as simply as possible.

Brand Promise: Everything we do is to make life simpler, faster and cheaper for our customers.

BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal!): This is top secret ;)

August 2020 - ISO27001

Hardly exciting to most people, but back in August, we achieved the milestone of ISO27001 accreditation. It is the international standard for information security. It demonstrates that we take information security seriously and do as much as possible to reduce identified risks to an acceptable level and manage them effectively. If you deal with data, such as for direct mail marketing campaigns, and you're not using an ISO27001 compliant company, then come to us!

November 2020 - New Recruits

Remarkably and unexpectedly we have achieved turnover growth of about 50% over the last 12 months. Hence, it was essential to bring in new talent. We welcomed our new Sales Consultant, Han and our maintenance maestro, Allan. You may well have had the pleasure of working with Han over the last few months. And as our photos demonstrate, Allan has been instrumental in transforming our facilities.

February 2021 - Partially Addressed Mail Launch

What is partially addressed mail, I hear you ask. Well, it's potentially the most underutilised marketing strategy I know of that works! Partially addressed mail (PAM) fits between flyer distribution and direct mail. Door drops target postcode sectors, such as HD6 1. Direct Mail is posted to individual addresses, such as Unit 3, Dye House Lane, Brighouse, HD6 1LL. Partially addressed mail is delivered to specific postcodes such as HD6 1LL (which may cover a handful of neighbouring properties). To see the benefits for your business, either read our blog or speak to one of our sales consultants today.

March 2021 - Record-Breaking Direct Mail

As businesses began opening more, many clearly had big growth plans. This resulted in our best month on record for direct mail campaigns, reaching 650,000 posted mail items. We have experienced multiple records throughout the last year, so thank you so much for all of your continued custom and loyalty.

May 2021 - Our Entire Team Was 'Shot'!

We invited the notorious Mark Flynn over to 'shoot' our team for the day. As you can see from some of the photos on this blog, Mark did a great job. However, huge credit needs to first go to those of our team who worked tirelessly for weeks to make our industrial units sparkle. From painting, clearing, designing and installing new signage, designing and hanging posters, decluttering and much more, our team transformed our workplace. Please comment on what you think of our new look!

With growth continuing this month, we are on with recruiting for four positions. We need another Sales Consultant, a Sales Apprentice, a Print Apprentice and a Business Administration Apprentice. If you know of anyone who may be appropriate for these roles, please ask them to visit our Jobs Page.

Coming Up

We have been working tirelessly on new and expanded services that meet the needs of our clients right now, with our new Pick & Pack service at the forefront. As soon as we launch this, we will be sure to let you know.

We are also in the process of acquiring a SAAS platform business print company. The acquisition will massively expand our print capabilities, making your business print purchasing simpler, faster and more personal.

In addition, we will be launching our new 'The Flow Group' website and new Flow Solutions website with an exciting rebrand in the coming months.

As you can see, things are growing at Flow Solutions. That is our goal for your business too. We love helping our clients take their business to the next level.

Please do contact us today so we can help build your business simpler, faster and cheaper.