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Our direct mail marketing and fulfilment services are ideally suited to benefit the professional services sector. Equally, why not offer some of our services to your clients, particularly our new reseller Print Portal opportunity.


There's Much More to B2B Marketing than LinkedIn!

Direct Mail vs LinkedIn, SEO and PPC
Linkedin is an excellent tool for building professional connections, and in turn, winning work. However, there are ways to warm up prospects before reaching out to them on LinkedIn or following them on another social channel. 

Equally, there are more effective ways to drive traffic to your website than SEO and PPC. The untapped solution is direct mail

Remember, direct mail should always be considered complementary to your online marketing, not in competition. It is when you use them simultaneously, your marketing ROI will transform.

Targeted B2B Direct Mail
Our Direct Mail service enables you to reach potential B2B customers in particular segments. For example, as an Accountant specialising in start-up businesses, we can purchase data of newly formed companies and send out direct mail specifically to them, which could direct them to your website or an immediate phone call. 

You can send out personalised letters, postcards, brochures, gifts and more, and our service includes strategy consultationgraphic designprint, personalisation and postage. Our Sales Consultants will discuss your company goals and recommend strategies accordingly.

Touchpoint Marketing
You can then follow prospects up with repeat direct mail campaigns alongside online marketing. 

By connecting with them on Linkedin, creating specific landing pages to help new businesses and creating targeted PPC for new companies, you have completed four touchpoints: direct mail, LinkedIn, SEO (unique content) and PPC. 

The more times and the more places prospects see your brand, the more likely they will respond.

How to Increase Your Referral Marketing
In addition to marketing for new clients, you want to utilise the power of referral marketing. Referrals are both an easier sell because your client has already put in a good word for you, but also they further strengthen your relationship with that client. 

If you're asking newly formed clients, then begin with the gift marketing strategy. Send a personalised gift and thank you card to them soon after working with them. Following this, send out a referral request card, and inside insert a couple of referral cards. 

These can have incentives for your client and their referral - think of how online businesses such as Gousto provide a discount voucher for both parties. We provide the design service, merchandise and other printed items and postage.

How to Provide Marketing Services for Your Clients
Not only can you utilise our multiple services to build your business, but you can also provide them for your clients too - on a trade basis, providing you with a profit margin. 

We work with several professional service businesses to provide services on their behalf. Our services include graphic designprint (ask about The Personal Print Portal), leaflet distributiondirect mailhybrid mailcontract packing and eCommerce pick & pack services.

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To start building your own business and your clients' businesses, please get in touch with us today, and speak with one of our Sales Consultants.

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