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Leaflet Distribution & Direct Mail Strategies for Estate Agents

There are a million ways you can market your real estate business. We have gathered seven essential steps that will help you find and capture new home sellers/buyers and landlords when implemented correctly.


Seven Essential Steps for Estate Agency Marketing

1. Targeting: Who, where, how and why 
Are you trying to find and capture new home sellers or buyers? Do you want to reach people struggling to sell their homes? Or maybe you want to target BTL and even Airbnb landlords? Do you have hot-spot areas you wish to target? 

The answers to these questions create the foundation for your campaign. Depending on the audience and campaign purpose, we can recommend either direct mail or leaflet distribution (or a combination). 

Next, we can provide data (be it complimentary Experian demographic postcode data or purchase specific direct mail data) to establish the targeting and potential quantities. Then we can design and print effective flyers relevant to the receiver, with a compelling reason for them to respond.

2. Add Value: Give before you receive
When it comes to your marketing message, always avoid asking for work: "We want to sell your house" style headlines yield little response. Instead, consider how you can add value for the recipient and demonstrate your estate agency is local, credible and thought-leading

For example, providing data on house values in their area, interest rate changes and how that affects the receiver, changes to laws such as stamp duty thresholds, and so on all add value. 

Alternatively, you may be advertising to people who have their house on the market, but it's failing to sell. In that case, rather than discrediting their existing agent, provide recommendations and tips. 

For instance, it may be that a neighbour's messy garden is ruining first impressions, so you recommend a solution, or it may be tips like the smell of baked bread, fresh washing, beautiful flowers and other recommendations for effective viewings. 

The critical thing to remember here is that every audience has a problem, and your message should solve that problem.

3. Artwork & Copy: Convey your 'why'
Understanding the 'who, where, how and why', will enable us to create compelling artwork and copy that demonstrates your why. Meaning, the reason you're doing the campaign (other than bringing in more work) will be the focus of the artwork and copy.

For example, if your why is to help families buy their dream home, the flyer headline could be, 'You Can Buy Your Family a Dream Home', with a sub-headline stating how you help. The image would be of a family having a great time together in an aspirational home. The call to action (CTA) could then be, 'Be in a position to buy your family their dream home by calling us on...' 

The reverse could even be a line drawing of a beautiful home with goalposts and a trampoline in the garden and your sold sign, which kids can colour in, and parents post on your Facebook page to win a prize. 

Notice here that everything about the message and the images targets your audience, even the kids, who certainly influence an emotional decision within parents. These tips will give positive feelings and create a positive belief in your brand. 

4. Print: Send a mailer your recipients will keep
Using folded mailers or odd-shaped flyers helps real estate direct mail stand out from the rest of the recipient's mail. Imagine receiving a triangle-shaped postcard through your door. The brain will signal that it is something new and unseen, so curiosity kicks in, and you are already reading what's written on it. 

Don't be afraid to experiment with different print shapes and sizes because that will make you stand out from other competitors in your area. However, make sure it's relevant to your 'why' - the message you are trying to convey. 

For example, remaining with the dream family home example above, the leaflet could be die-cut in the shape of a teddy bear with a small hole inserted near the top so that kids can hang it up. 

Consider also that the paperweight and finish should be appropriate to your estate agency. For example, if you target affluent homes, use a premium finish such as a 400gsm, whereas if you sell houses for a low-cost fixed fee, then use a paper representing low cost, such as 130gsm. 

5. Timing & Repetition: The most essential step
Your estate agency likely sells more houses during spring to autumn than during winter. However, you may wish to take advantage of other trends, such as Rightmove's surge in viewings on Boxing Day. Also, you can use the seasons and particular events as themes for your campaigns - such as a football theme in the build-up to the World/European Cup.

Aside from timing for trends, the most essential step in effectively marketing your estate agency business is repetition - known as drip effect marketingTypically, it takes multiple touchpoints before someone will respond to your marketing. 

Therefore, don't ever consider a one-hit-wonder approach. Instead, trial your leaflet distribution and/or direct mail campaigns with a minimum of three repeats, typically spread monthly. 

This builds brand awareness, which leads to brand trust, and then brand engagement. 

6. Align with Your Digital Marketing
Following on from the importance of creating touchpoints mentioned above, develop more touchpoints by linking your leaflet drops with your social media and other digital marketing. 

A recent study showed that millennials made up 36% of the home buyer pool, and many of them came from reading direct mailers. Millennials grew up in the digital marketing world, so direct mail looks intriguing and different, hence the higher likeability for it to be read and acted upon.  

Therefore, use artwork from your leaflets on your social media and do paid ads targeting to the same target audience that your leaflets will reach that week. 

The more times and places people see your coherent marketing message, the higher the likelihood they will respond.

7. Measure the Effectiveness
What systems do you have in place to measure and track your leaflet distribution responses? For example, if your goal was to increase traffic to your website, have you created a dedicated landing page to track how many prospects are clicking through (ideally from a QR code)? 

What if you sent out an offer or unique incentive? Have you dedicated a specific code or phone number to see how successful it is? If you opted for direct mail, you also need a returns management system to keep removing invalid addresses (we can provide you with this for you). 

The better we can establish what's effective and what's not, the more we can implement improvements for your next campaign - resulting in a higher ROI for your business.

Next Step: Find a professional Marketing Company
Hopefully, all the above will help you effectively take your estate agency to the next level. It is paramount to use a company that will provide a value-added, competent and trustworthy service to fulfil the above for you. 

At Flow Fulfilment, we are multi-award-winning, well-established, and ISO-accredited for your peace of mind. Our team of 25+ experts would love to help you build your estate agency company. 

Please do contact us today and ask to speak with one of our experienced Sales Consultants.

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