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Print-based marketing is a powerful tool for businesses – ideal for contacting existing customers and generating new leads.

Whether it be a direct mail campaign or a door to door distribution, a tangible, physical message is easier to read and harder to ignore than it’s digital marketing counterparts. The purpose of this page is to highlight a marketing strategy that many businesses currently miss out on: partially addressed mail.

What is Partially Addressed Mail (PAM)?

Partially addressed mail is an addressed mailer that excludes the recipients’ name, where your mail goes to complete postcodes (e.g. HD6 1LL).

Your business benefits from sophisticated targeting without using personalised data. A good example is a large estate agent targeting postcodes where they have just listed/sold a neighbouring property, offering a free valuation to homeowners in that postcode. We can run focused demographic checks to select postcodes that closest match your target audience, or like the above example, base it on postcodes already rich in existing customers.

The format of the mailing could be a letter, a postcard or a brochure in an envelope. You can also choose a salutation specific to your target audience: e.g. Dear Sun Seeker, Dear Student or Dear Football Fan.

How Partially Addressed Mail compares to similar services?

Partially Addressed Mail (PAM) sits between Leaflet Distribution and Direct Mail.

Leaflet Distribution is unaddressed and goes to every home within a demographically targeted postcode sector (e.g. HD6 1), and is typically suited to high volumes with limited targeting needed.

Direct Mail is addressed based on targetted data or client lists and is, therefore, most appropriate for bespoke targeting.

PAM is an excellent strategy that merges the benefits of larger quantities from leaflet distribution (namely the price) with direct mail benefits (namely the specific targeting).

Just as a side note – if none of these options sounds right for you, we have another service called Hybrid Mail; An online platform that allows you to send addressed mail on an ad hoc basis.

Users can upload artwork, select a mailing format and order on a pay as you go basis. On this service, businesses looking at lower regular volumes will see heavily discounted prices compared to the Direct Mail counterpart.

Partially Addressed Mail requirements

  • It goes to every home in a complete postcode (e.g. HD6 1LL);
  • It must exclude existing customers and opt-outs;
  • It must have a declaration about personal data not being used;
  • It is recommended MPS records are excluded from the mailing list;
  • The PAF file used to obtain the data must not be a version that can identify an individual from a postcode; and
  • There is a minimum quantity of 10,000 to qualify for the price saving, with prices starting from as little as 20p per item.

Partially Addressed Mail examples

You can use partially addressed mail in any number of circumstances. Here are some marketing examples:

  • Medium-sized businesses looking for new customers;
  • Promoting places or an Open Event for schools with a large catchment area;
  • Promotion of garden products (e.g. garden centres) or other businesses that require semi-local customers;
  • Businesses looking to target new build or more affluent estates;
  • Franchise marketing (where mass marketing for multiple branches is required);
  • Targeting the neighbours of your existing customers

To find out more, please contact us on 01484 711173, and one of our personal Sales Consultants will be happy to advise on how partially addressed mail can work as part of your marketing strategy.