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At Flow Fulfilment, our overarching purpose is to educate, advise and provide solutions for our customers to build their business as simply as possible.

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How to Create Beautiful Branding & Logos

This page will help you discover the fundamentals of creating memorable and beautiful brands. Whether you have just established a new business and need an entire brand identity, or have an existing business that needs an entirely new look or have launched a new product/service in need of a new logo, this page is for you.


Building your Brand

To avoid confusion - a logo and a brand are not the same. The brand is the overarching business' visual identity, whereas you could consider the logo as your headshot Linkedin profile picture. The logo is what people will notice first - it sets the scene for the whole brand, so it must represent your business well. Your branding, from your logo to your website, social media to business cards, and your direct mail campaigns, must all align to succeed in your marketplace. 

Three Brand Fundamentals
When creating a new brand or a re-brand, there are three fundamentals to consider:

  1. Purpose
  2. Colours
  3. Consistency

In life, in business, and in branding, always begin with your purpose. What should your brand achieve? This aligns with the principle of starting with the end in mind. For example, suppose we contrast two Accountancy firms. One has a target audience of fresh-faced millennials looking to start in business, and the other is looking for traditional, well-established companies with owners aged 50+. The first firm will likely have vibrant greens and pinks, whereas the latter would probably choose a rich blue and gold. The colours are then consistent with the purpose. Every element of your brand, both online and in print, must then keep purpose and colours consistent.

The Brand Building Process
At Flow Fulfilment, we always want to deliver our services simpler, faster, and cheaper. Unfortunately, creating a brand is often anything but simple, fast, or cheap! However, our 'Three D's' process accomplishes all three:

  1. Discovery. A 1-2-1 meeting to discover what you're trying to achieve (your business purpose).
  2. Design. We produce draft proposals that include your logo, images, colours, and mockups in different guises.
  3. Delivery. We produce a complete Brand Guidelines Document and a flyer design, marketing collateral, and much more according to your needs.

Our Three D's process provides a clear structure for creating great brands without encountering the usual stresses and mounting costs often associated with brand creation. 

Designing an Eye-Catching Logo
If you already have a brand that you're happy with but feel your logo needs an update or have a new product line needing a logo, we follow the same 'Three D's' process outlined for creating a brand. But, equally, for the logo to be appropriate to your business, we ensure it also aligns with our three brand fundamentals: purpose, colours and consistency. 

Next Step
Here at Flow, our mission is to make life simpler, faster and cheaper for our clients and advise and educate them on the most successful strategies for business growth. Great branding is fundamental to this mission!  Please contact us today to discuss your branding, re-branding and logo design needs.

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Top tips for great branding and logos:

  • Have a strong and open dialogue with your designer
  • Define your brands' purpose
  • Find inspiration from businesses with a similar purpose
  • See what your competition is doing
  • Discuss colours that represent your purpose
  • Select typography in line with your purpose
  • Decide whether a mascot is appropriate
  • When evaluating proposals, ask marketing-focused friends for their opinions
  • When it comes to the final decision, go with your gut!
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