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We share our proven design process, which delivers stunning artwork for all your business stationery and all other artwork you may need. In addition, we reveal our print portal opportunity, where you can have all artwork ready to print whenever you need it.


How to Create Beautiful Business Stationery

The Importance of Great Stationery Artwork
Clients often have a temptation to do stationery as a quick job, literally just adding a logo and basic contact details. However, when you consider that stationery will often be one of the necessary items your prospects and customers will receive and hold (print is, of course, tangible), it's vital to represent your business well. Therefore, when your business stationery is professionally designed and printed with care, attention to detail and authentic quality, people will equally portray your business as such.

The Graphic Design Process
At Flow Fulfilment, we always want to deliver our services simpler, faster, and cheaper. Our 'Three D'sgraphic design process enables us to do precisely that...resulting in incredible business stationery artwork for you:

  1. Discovery. A 1-2-1 meeting to discover what you're trying to achieve.
  2. Design. We produce draft proposals that include mockups in different guises.
  3. Delivery. We deliver complete print-ready artwork for all your stationery requirements.

Our Three D's process provides a clear structure for creating great business stationery artwork.

What's Included in Business Stationery Design?

1. Business cards
A business card is your brand in your hand. It's often the first interaction a prospect will have with your business. As people receive many business cards, yours has to work extra hard to stand out. Different sizes, die-cut shapes, extra thickness with a triplex finish, velvet lamination and spot-UV are just some of the options our graphic designers can incorporate to help your business stand out.

2. Letterheads
A personalised message to a client or prospect on quality letter headed paper with an eye-catching design demonstrates that you care to go to the effort to post something specifically for them. If you opt for a more premium 120gsm stock, a double-sided letterhead with a full-colour reverse can look great (but we don't recommend this on standard 100gsm as it's too transparent). 

3. Continuation sheets
Much like a letterhead but containing less detail, continuation sheets keep the brand flowing through your printed documents. The top tip here is to keep the logo position consistent with the letterhead.

4. Compliment slips
Well-considered compliments slips are so versatile. We generally recommend against writing 'with compliments' on the slip as that restricts the variety of appropriate uses. They are ideal for writing handwritten thank you notes when posting products, sending a thank you note to a customer, or even adding a simple voucher. As with the continuation slips, try to keep the layout consistent with your letterheads. 

5. Notepads
A notepad is a great option when considering suitable leave-behinds (something you leave behind with a prospect, which may prompt them to respond). When designing a notepad, we recommend you have not only your branding featured but also a helpful little message, such as "Today my business building tasks are..."

6. Desk pads
As with notepads, desk pads are a great leave behind and a great thank you gift for clients. The more items your prospects and clients have on their desk, the more touchpoints your embedding into their brain, and therefore the more likely they are to bring business your way.

7. NCR pads
We can either provide you with a template layout or design according to your bespoke requirements with NCR pads. As with everything you design, make sure to represent your brand well by carefully considering the layout and logo position. 

8. Pens & Pencils
Often the design work on pens and pencils is limited to the printable area and limited colours. Therefore, make sure to discuss your vision with our designers to recommend the most appropriate pens and pencils. For instance, some have a larger printable area. Others may fit your brand better because they are more premium or more sustainable looking. 

There are many other business stationery items we can design and print for you. The list above highlights our most popular stationery design requests and gives valuable tips on designing them effectively.

Print all your Business Stationery from a Personal Portal
One of the significant advantages of working with Flow Fulfilment is that we are part of a larger group (The Flow Group), including a printing company, The Personal Print Portal. This is a printer like no other! Typically online printers only cater for certain products (some with more extensive product ranges than others). However, The Personal Print Portal can print every printable product, much more than just your business stationery. Furthermore, every time you need to re-order a product, your artwork will already be stored on your personalised print portal, ready to order with just a couple of clicks. This is print management, made simpler, faster and more personal. Discover more on our print portal and receive a FREE print portal today.

Business Stationery Design Implementation
To refresh or commence your business stationery project, please do contact us today and ask to speak with our Graphic Design team. 

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