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We ensure you stand out with static and interactive digital artwork from social media posts to banner ads and even large digital display boards.


How to Create Impactful Digital Graphic Design

What is Digital Graphic Design?
Graphic design is typically associated with artwork produced for print, whereas digital graphic design is artwork produced for digital use such as social media and websites. The style, format, structure and format are often different to printed media because they factor in how it will be viewed - typically on a computer or smartphone, rather than held as a tangible item. Where appropriate, digital design is interactive - it provides a user experience, often including sound and audio.

Our Graphic Design Process
We always want to deliver our services simpler, faster, and cheaper. We utilise our 'Three D's' design process across all of our graphic design services, and it enables us to create incredible digital artwork for your business:

  1. Discovery. A 1-2-1 meeting to discover what you're trying to achieve.
  2. Design. We produce draft proposals that include mockups in different guises (e.g. computer, tablet and phone view).
  3. Delivery. We deliver a complete digital artwork folder ready for you to implement immediately.

Popular Uses for Digital Design

1. Social Media
Gone are the days of people finding your business in the Yellow Pages. And with many audiences, gone are days of your website being the first thing your prospects find. Now, social media is frequently the first place a potential customer will interact with your brand. Therefore, your social media must represent your brand well. 

Social media design encapsulates avatars, header images, individual posts and overall post layout and structure across all social media platforms. Considering that users often scroll at speed, your artwork must be bold, clear and uncluttered. In addition, the posts must resonate with your target user, build brand awareness, and encourage action. Therefore, it's essential to create memorable, engaging and relevant content. 

Often brands request a template design, which usually has a few variants. On Instagram, for example, as they provide a three-across grid format, we can create templates that provide a succinct pattern as users scroll down the page. Templates then are great for maintaining brand consistency and keeping design costs low.

2. Email Design
As prospects and clients receive our emails frequently, your brand must be represented well. People will judge you on the quality of your email footer in the same way they will judge your branding everywhere else. A well-designed footer that prompts action (such as visiting your website or taking advantage of a current offer) is a very simple strategy for building your business.

Email marketing to your existing customer list or a purchased list can be potent when marketing. The likes of MailChimp enable beautifully crafted email template design, which will grab your receiver's attention and help draw action.

3. Banner Ads
A banner ad is an advert you notice on web pages, which are paid for advertisements much like those at the top of Google search, except these are image-based. When executed correctly, banner ads are a very effective strategy for leading people to your website as they are interactive, usually a click through to a specific landing page. As with all graphic design, if it is eye-catching, inspiring and relevant to the viewer, it will likely assist in building your business. 

4. Powerpoint Template Design
Powerpoints are ideal for face-to-face presentations and sending interactive presentations to prospects and clients as part of your marketing material. Although some may consider designing on Powerpoint to be somewhat 'clunky', our clever designers can utilise PowerPoint to create professional, brand-building templates and presentations. 

Digital Graphic Design Implementation
To bring new life to all of your digital graphic design elements, please contact us today and ask to speak with our Graphic Design team.

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