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Packaging Design, Print and Fulfilment

Promote your products with awesome packaging designs. You can also work with our Co-Packing and Pick & Pack teams for print and fulfilment. 


How to Showcase your Brand Effectively with Amazing Packaging

What is Packaging Design?

Packaging design is designing product packaging that appropriately and safely holds a product whilst being eye-catching and on-brand. The design could be for products going directly onto a shelf (e.g. products in retail stores). Alternatively, they may be an outer package design that protects the item whilst in transport (e.g. products sold online, which need posting). The design must attract attention while also provide the necessary product information - a delicate balance.

Our Packaging Design Process

We continually look to deliver our services simpler, faster, and cheaper. By using our 'Three D's' design methodology across all of our graphic design services, we can create incredible packaging artwork for your business:

  1. Discovery. A 1-2-1 meeting to discover what you're trying to achieve.
  2. Design. We produce draft proposals that include mockups in different guises, including a flat template, elevations and 3D view.
  3. Delivery. We deliver a complete artwork folder ready for you to implement immediately.

How to Align Packaging Design with Your Products

As is the case with any design work your business undertakes, it must be coherent with your brand. Your packaging creates a physical and tangible connection with the product and customer. Therefore, factor in the following before embarking on your design:

1. What is your product?
The product will largely dictate the appropriate packaging, which in turn will dictate the design opportunities. For example, suppose your product is fragile. In that case, your packaging will need to be rigid, have something inside to prevent movement, and the design will require a 'fragile' logo.

2. Who typically purchases your product?
The design should identify with and appeal to your buyer persona. For example, suppose your product is highly ethical. In that case, your packaging should include FSC and other sustainable logos and be made of sustainable materials and use sustainable inks.

3. How is your product purchased?
If your product is destined for the supermarket shelves, it has to be clear precisely what the product is. Furthermore, it must stand out from its neighbouring competitors. Suppose, however, you sell through your e-commerce website. In that case, the packaging must be durable and safe enough to withstand postage or courier handling. No matter how creative your packaging may look, it ultimately must be appropriate for its purpose.

4. What are your competitors doing?
Using competitors as a precedent study can identify where industry standards make sense and where innovation is possible. Look at the shapes, materials, and other aspects of your competitor's packaging design—Establish what's effective and where there's room for improvement. 

How to Brand Your Packaging

Your packaging represents your brand, and depending on where your product is purchased, the packaging may be the first interaction a customer has with your business. The packaging graphics should express your brand, so harness this opportunity to make a great first impression! Here are some pointers for effectively incorporating your brand into your packaging:

1. Packaging should advertise your brand.
You may have come across the term 'packvertising', which is 'packaging advertising'. As with all marketing and advertising, appeal to your buyer persona, highlight your USP and showcase your brand. 

2. Consider the details and design nuances.
Once you've attracted the prospect's attention, it's often the details that make or break a buying decision. The copy, images, layout and brand identity will build trust when executed effectively. Some sectors or brands benefit more from a minimal approach, whereas others need to be bold. But, again, it's all about what's most appropriate.

3. Can your packaging be reusable? 
If your packaging can be effectively reused, this adds value for the customer and keeps your brand in their eye-line for longer - free marketing!

4. Don't go cheap!
When you contrast the experience of opening beautifully crafted packaging from Apple versus a knock-off Apple case purchased from an Amazon reseller, which feels more special? Or which do you remember and talk about more? Suppose you want to build brand loyalty, or more so, brand advocacy. In that case, you have to provide a memorable experience for your customers.

So Much More Than Just Packaging Design

Here at Flow Fulfilment, we can help you with all your packaging requirements. Be it cardboard boxes, rigid boxes, or bespoke boxes; we can create the perfect design and print all your packaging for you. 

Furthermore, we also provide e-commerce co-packing fulfilment. Not only that, we offer marketing services to help you attract new customers. When you contact us, be sure to ask our Sales Consultants for all the appropriate for you and your business.

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