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Graphic design for business signage and exhibition stands must be bold. We consider how people pass by the signage and design it to capture their attention.


Designing Business Signage for Premises and Exhibitions

Whether you're designing a shop window, signage for your premises, or an entire exhibition design, the key is representing your brand effectively so that people take notice and are drawn in. People judge by appearances. Therefore your signage design and how your exhibit at trade shows will determine whether or not you attract or repel potential new customers.

How to Design Business Signage

When designing business signboards, the key is first to consider the context. For example, suppose your shop is on the high street. In that case, people will stroll past and therefore have the opportunity to stop and look at your window display. In addition, they will notice any posters or signage at eye level and be enticed by the signage and products within your shop. Therefore, your signage design can factor in eye-level design, details that can be read close up, and features to draw people in. 

However, if your premises are along a busy main road with fast-flowing traffic, signage must compensate for this. More prominent signs with very little content - often just a logo and a website URL are most appropriate here. These are often positioned higher, and along with signage on the building, have a large stand at a right angle to the road, so drivers see it as they pass. 

Signage here is more for brand awareness, so keep branding on-point, use a minimal number of colours and text, and keep everything large-scale. 

How to Design Exhibition Stands

When designing an exhibition stand, both context and purpose come into play. The context will be the exhibition itself. Suppose it is a local business exhibition, often B2B. In that case, the space is typically limited (3m x 3m), and the calibre of competitors' stands are primitive. 

It is easy and cost-effective to stand out when competing against a couple of roller banners and a table with a black sheet over, and a few informational flyers. 

Large fabric banners are an excellent alternative, with branded table cloths and branded FSDUs (free-standing display units) not expensive but really help you look much more professional than neighbouring stands. 

If, however, the exhibition is a national event, with big brands and even bigger stands, then again, design appropriately. Your stand must be in keeping with those around it, and consider how you want prospects to interact. 

When looking at purpose, it's common to want to draw people into your designated area. Using curved fabric banner stands can accomplish this very effectively, as their shape openly invites people in. 

In addition, the design on the stand can even instruct people, such as a giant arrow directing where you wish passers-by to go.

Our Design Process

At Flow Fulfilment, we continually look to offer our services simpler, faster, and cheaper. Therefore, we created our 'Three D's' design process for all of our graphic design services. It breaks down as follows:

  1. Discovery. A 1-2-1 meeting to discover what you're trying to achieve.
  2. Design. We produce draft proposals that include mockups in different guises (e.g. in 3d, in an exhibition arena, on your premises, etc.).
  3. Delivery. We deliver a complete design folder with print-ready artwork ready for you to print your signage and exhibition stands from us straight away.

Printing Your Business Signage and Exhibition Stands

Not only do we design everything for you, but we print it too. Furthermore, we design and print all promotional products you may want to showcase within your stand or shop. We can have all these products print ready for you on your personal print portal

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