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Hybrid Mail...So Much Better Than Franking

Deliver your business mail from home, the office or even on holiday with the click of a button! No internal equipment is needed, no expensive consumables to purchase, and no labour time lost. Our revolutionary new Hybrid Mail system saves a fortune compared with franking, OBA, and postage stamps. 


What is Hybrid Mail?

Think of Hybrid Mail as a franking system on steroids! It essentially accomplishes much of what franking does - sending your business post cheaper and faster than using stamps and walking along to the post box. However, Hybrid Mail enables you to do this from anywhere! Simply click print from your laptop, and your everyday letters and postcards are printed, enclosed and posted from our mailing house that same day, all fully automated. There's no need for any equipment, consumables or labour time. As a result, our Hybrid Mail service is simpler, faster and cheaper than franking.

How Hybrid Mail Works 
Once we have onboarded you as a customer, we walk you through how to use our straightforward software, upload any templates you may have, and ensure that you fully understand how to process your post. In essence, there are two processes, one by you and one by us. Once you have selected your document template, the process is to select 'Hybrid Print', review and click print. Simple! At 3pm daily, your documents are downloaded, processed, printed, enclosed and posted. 

We have invested tens of thousands of pounds into the most sophisticated software to automate this process, resulting in a simpler, faster and cheaper service for you. The best way to see how effectively Hybrid Mail will work for you and your business is to use it. Contact us today and ask to speak with our Hybrid Mail Sales Consultants. 

How Much Cheaper is Hybrid Mail?
To find out how much cheaper Hybrid Mail is, we have created a Savings Calculator. This enables you to enter what you typically post via franking, OBA or postage stamps, highlighting the total saving. Further, the calculator recommends the pricing plan, which will save you the most money. To see how much you could save and the extra savings on capital investments, time, office space, and home workers, simply fill in our 30 second Savings Calculator.

Businesses That Benefit Most From Hybrid Mail
All businesses that currently have a franking setup, or have an OBA, or simply use postage stamps frequently will benefit from our Hybrid Mail service. Further, people working from home can now send their business mail from home without any need for costly and bulky home-based equipment. If your business communicates effectively with your customers, then Hybrid Mail will be of benefit to you. The sectors which we see most activity from are:

  • Professional services (solicitors, accountants, etc.)
  • Healthcare services (dentists, doctors surgeries, etc.)
  • Charities
  • Estate and letting agents
  • Schools
  • Public sector

Added Peace of Mind Using Flow Fulfilment
We execute the entire Hybrid Mail process following our ISO certifications. We are ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 certified, which means our products, services, systems and procedures are measured to a level of excellence to remain compliant. As such, you receive an efficient, consistent, dedicated and quality service, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Our ISO 14001 is an internationally agreed standard for an environmental management system, which helps improve our environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and waste reduction. There are very few hybrid mail companies in the UK with all three ISOs.

Furthermore, we are members of the DMA (Direct Data & Marketing Association) and IPIA (Independent Print Industries Association) and work following their requirements again. 

Please see how much you can save by using our Savings Calculator, or contact us today and speak with one of our Hybrid Mail Sales Consultants.

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