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At Flow Fulfilment, our overarching purpose is to educate, advise and provide solutions for our customers to build their business as simply as possible.

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Direct Mail, Made Simpler, Faster and Cheaper For Your Business

Following an initial consultation to establish your needs and goals, we look after the entire campaign for you, from data through to delivery.


How we Build your Business with Direct Mail Campaigns

The purpose of our complimentary direct mail campaign management service is to take away the pressure from your hands. This covers strategy, targeting, data, content, design, format, print options, enclosure decisions, creating eco-friendly solutions, and cost-effective postage opportunities. At this stage, we can also invite you to our facilities and give you a tour to see our direct mail service in action.

To reassure you that our campaign management service is beneficial for your business, we are DMA (Data & Marketing Agency) and IPIA (Independent Print Industries Association) members, hold ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001 accreditations. We also won Direct Mail Marketing Company of the Year in 2021.

You may find that you are competent in a number of these elements and don't require any help. That is no problem; you can simply pick and choose the aspects most beneficial to you. We will now run through how we can help you in each element of a successful direct mail campaign.

1. Direct Mail Strategy

We always recommend our award-winning strategy when utilising direct mail to generate new customers or re-engage with aged clients. The strategy has a simple formula: brand awareness + brand trust = brand engagement. This coincides with the drip effect marketing principle of repeating to the same audience frequently. Following this strategy will transform your overall return on investment.

2. Data Purchase & Cleansing

Accurate data ensures you adhere to GDPR and that you receive the highest ROI by targeting people perfect for your product/service. We work with several specialists and trusted data providers to provide you with appropriate data. Further, we can cleanse your existing data, which minimises returns and reduces your costs.

3. Artwork Creation

The design of your direct mail will make or break your campaign. Therefore, actionable and engaging artwork is essential. We use our three keys to effective marketing design to create all your artwork for you. Alternatively, we can consult with your in-house designer to ensure your design covers the essentials for successful direct mail campaigns.

4. Personalised Print

Your print's quality, format, finish, and uniqueness represents your business and significantly impacts your ROI. We provide a limitless range, and provide appropriate recommendations. In addition, if you print frequently, you may well benefit from a Personal Print Portal - make sure to ask for more details on these.

5. Enclosing Options

With feed enclosing, pick and place, glue or tip on, camera matching, batch folding, variable page insertions and validation, we do it all! And if all these enclosing options sound foreign to you - don't worry; our team can explain them to you and provide opportunities to suit your campaign.

6. Polywrapping Options

Create a protective and professional look for multiple item direct mailers or bulky items such as magazines and catalogues. Polywrapping also reduces postage costs. We also provide environmentally friendly options for polywrapping.

7. Eco-Friendly Direct Mail

As an ISO14001 accredited company, you benefit from environmentally friendly direct mail print and production, along with discounted postage prices. If this is one of the critical aspects of your campaign, please let us know from the outset so we can provide further recommendations.

8. Postage Discounts Opportunities

We save you a fortune on postage with our huge annual postage volumes, mail sort, environmentally friendly mail, admail, and more. We also provide a Hybrid Mail service, which may be more beneficial for you - it's worth querying this with your Sales Consultant.

Next Step

These eight elements ensure we can help you create and fulfil business building direct mail campaigns simpler, faster and cheaper. Our Sales Consultants will cover these with you when you enquire. 

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A Direct Mail Campaign with us includes:

  • Full campaign management
  • Strategy
  • Data purchase and cleansing
  • Artwork creation
  • Personalised print
  • Enclosing options
  • Polywrapping options
  • Eco-Friendly recommendations
  • Postage discount opportunities
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