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Trade Priced Marketing & Print Services for Marketing Agencies

Exciting and actionable marketing campaigns are synonymous with our team. We help implement your vision often across multiple services.


Up-Selling Opportunities for your Marketing Company

Here at Flow Fulfilment, we work with many marketing, advertising and PR agencies to help them fulfil marketing projects on behalf of their clients. These range from designing brochures through to printing and delivering millions of leaflets nationwide. Creative agencies enjoy working alongside us because it enables them to provide so many more products and services for their clients without the need to increase overheads or become specialists in niche areas. And of course, with every additional service you provide, the more profit you make. But, equally, you can grow your own business by utilising the many services we offer. Below are the most popular services marketing agencies benefit from.

1. Graphic Design
If your agency doesn't include an in-house graphic designer, then outsourcing to our design team will be an excellent solution for you. On the other hand, if you have a designer, but things become too busy, or you have annual leave or even maternity leave to overcome, we are here to help when you need us.  

 2. Trade Printing
We have noticed a strong trend in many digital marketing agencies, now providing both digital and physical - print-based marketing. The two combined continues to prove so effective for many businesses. As such, we can provide you with all the print you need, from business stationery to brochures, right through to exhibition stands and business signage. 

3. Personalised Print Portals
You can now take trade printing a step further thanks to our recent acquisition of SAAS platform print management company, The Personal Print Portal. This bespoke print portal lets you hold all client artwork in a branded portal, ready to order within just a few clicks. Furthermore, you can provide branded portals for your clients so they can order for themselves.

4. Direct Mail Marketing
More and more savvy marketing agencies are contacting us to provide direct mail campaigns for their clients. Our business is built on this service - we design, print and post millions of direct marketing mail each year, resulting in incredible returns for our clients. For example, in 2021, we won Direct Mail Marketing Company of the Year thanks to the results we create for our clients, along with the robust team, software, machinery and ISO credentials we have to guarantee success with every job. In addition, as an ISO 14001 accredited company, combined with the annual volumes we send, we receive considerably lower postage rates, which we pass onto our trade clients.  

5. Leaflet Distribution
Leaflet distribution is such an effective strategy many marketing companies are providing for their clients. It enables you to target specific demographics within a given area and get marketing material into people's hands. In 2020 we merged with the multi-award-winning door to door company, Mr Flyer, to provide targeted nationwide door drops. If you haven't considered leaflet drops as part of the strategy for your clients, be sure to speak with our Sales Consultants so they can provide tailored recommendations which will coincide with your overall strategy.

6. Pick and Pack
The coronavirus pandemic reportedly accelerated the e-commerce industry by five years. So for those e-commerce clients you have, we can provide the fulfilment aspect for them with our pick and pack service. They no longer need a garage full of goods to pick, pack and post each day manually. We provide the complete pick and pack service for all of your e-commerce clients. 

7. Contract Packing
For your retail clients who need free-standing display units (FSDUs), heat bending of point of sale (POS) items, or any other hand fulfilment requirements, we have a huge team who love to build the most intricate designs! So whether you send us flat products to make, or need them printing and then assembling, we have the expertise to fulfil these jobs for you. 

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As you can see, we provide an array of marketing and fulfilment services ideal for marketing companies. We would love to help you grow, expand and diversify by working with us. Please get in touch with us today and chat through your next project with one of our Sales Consultants.

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