Hand Assembly & Hand Fulfilment Services

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Hand Assembly & Packing

From popping a product in a jiffy bag to assembling 1,000's of cardboard POS displays, we put the personal touch into our hand fulfilment service.


Outsourced Hand Fulfilment Made Simpler, Faster and Cheaper

There are so many jobs you can complete in-house. However, if you're looking to scale your business and simultaneously reduce overheads, then outsourcing some of your co-packing and pick & pack needs to a specialist company may be a great decision. At Flow Fulfilment, we make the process much simpler, faster and cheaper than completing it in-house.

Hand Assembly

From origami-style marketing to exhibition stands, our bespoke packing team can assemble it all. (And if you need help with design, creation or print, our in-house designers can take that worry off your hands too)Many printersmarketing agencies and retail stores particularly benefit from our hand assembly service. The types of full assembly items we're regularly asked to produce are:

  • Free-standing display units (FSDU)
  • Merchandising units (MU)
  • Countertop display and all point of sale assembly (POS assembly)
  • Gift packing
  • Full retail unit production
  • High volume flat-pack assembly services.

Hand Fulfilment

Nothing beats the personal touch. From placing a product in a jiffy bag to making up 4,000 cardboard point of sale displays, we put the personal touch into every element of our hand fulfilment. You might be delivering to millions, but every single individual will notice the personal touch of Flow's hand packing team. The typical hand fulfilment jobs your business can benefit from include:

  • Collation
  • Labelling and relabelling
  • Rectification
  • Product repackaging and bespoke enclosures for mail items
  • Non-machinable mailers
  • Order packing
  • Promotional and Seasonal Gift packing
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Belly banding
  • Loose inserts
  • Tip-on inserts
  • Returns management

E-Commerce Fulfilment

Hand fulfilment has become a core service for our pick and pack e-commerce clients - no longer do businesses need to have a home full of stock to find, pick, pack and post every day! Our software works seamlessly with Shopify and Shopblocks to fully automate your e-commerce business. Equally, if you're looking to launch an e-commerce element to your business, we can build you a fully integrated bespoke e-commerce website.

Direct Mail Fulfilment

As a full-service mailing house, once your products have been assembled or handpicked, we provide the following vital element - posting them to the end client. Thanks to posting millions of items each year (alongside our ISO14001), we receive heavily discounted postage prices, which we pass on to you. For the bulkier items (such as FSDU's), we courier these to your desired destination(s). 

Next Step

Hopefully, this page has revealed how your business can benefit from assembly and hand fulfilment services. The next step is to contact our Sales Team, express your goals and requirements, and they can provide the most appropriate solutions for you.

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Great uses for our hand fulfilment services:

  • Seasonal gift sets
  • Fragile products
  • Promotional items
  • Food samples
  • Children's gifts
  • Hand wrapped gifts (from Santa!)
  • Marketing/Sample packs
  • Gifts for direct mail
  • Starter kits
  • Household consumables
  • Prize giveaways
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