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End to End Marketing and Fulfilment for the Trade

Fulfilment for print-based companies is the backbone of our business. Choose from graphic design, leaflet distribution, direct mail, and print portals.


Up-Selling Opportunities for Printing Companies

We provide end-to-end marketing and fulfilment services for trade businesses. For marketing, we specialise in anything printed, often resulting in targeted direct mail and leaflet distribution campaigns. With all of the trade services we have on offer, please simply ask if you require individual elements from our services.

With so many marketing and fulfilment services available in-house, we offer multiple services which are ideal up-selling opportunities for print businesses. Below are some options to utilise which can provide additional revenue streams and reduce your fixed overheads. And of course, you can use these services for your business too, not just on behalf of your clients!

1. Graphic Design
With graphic design, this can be as simple as making things print-ready for your clients, right through to providing an entire brand and everything in-between. Printers and print management companies often use our design service when their in-house team is overloaded with work or when it's specialist artwork, such as for a flyer distribution or direct mail campaign. 

2. Direct Mail
Direct mail is by far the most popular service we provide for the print industry. We are considered one of the UK's leading direct mail companies, and in 2021 we won Direct Mail Marketing Company of the Year. So whether you need folding, personalisation, enclosure, shrink wrapping, large object packaging, or any other variation, we will be sure to provide the service for you. Also, as an ISO14001 company, we receive significant postage discounts, which we can pass on to you.

3. Leaflet Distribution
In 2020 our group (The Flow Group) acquired the UK's multi-award-winning flyer distribution company, Mr Flyer. Since then, our team has continued to provide some of the UK's largest businesses with business-building door-to-door campaigns. So every time your clients request flyers, be sure to ask them how they intend to distribute them - and we can provide this for you. When your clients have a trustworthy solution for their leaflet drops, they will do it more frequently, resulting in much more print for you.

4. White-labelled Trade Printing Services
If you would like to outsource the products you don't produce in-house, we can work on a white-label basis to provide additional print products your clients need. In fact, we can take this one step further by providing you and your clients with personal print portals. Read more on this below.

5. Personal Print Portals
In 2021 our group acquired the SAAS platform print management company, The Personal Print Portal. With this, you can have your own print portal hosting all your clients' print products, categorised per client so that you can order whatever they need, whenever they need it, with a couple of clicks. Furthermore, with our 'Partner' option, you can provide these for your clients, selling both your products and our trade-priced products too. 

6. Contract Packing
In what we call 'packing season', one of our warehouses is full of 50+ staff building FSDUs, heat bending formed plastic POS perfect for supermarkets and retail stores, and creating many other weird and wonderful creations! We have several trade printers who send us raw products, ready for our team to hand-assemble and deliver to the client. At Flow, the process is simpler, faster and cheaper than using a traditional contract packing company. 

Next Step
As you can see, we provide several services that greatly benefit printers and print managers. We would love to help you grow your business by benefiting from our relevant services on a trade-based basis. So please do contact us today and ask to speak with one of our Sales Consultants.

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