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Leaflet Distribution, Made Simpler, Faster and Cheaper For Your Business

Our Royal Mail partnership gives you access to over 29 million addresses across the UK. This is the most trusted and reliable way to distribute leaflets.


How to Create Impactful, Long Term Leaflet Distribution Campaigns

At Flow Fulfilment, we help you implement intelligent leaflet distribution campaigns enabling your business to communicate and engage with potential new customers. What's more, we look after every aspect for you. The process includes an initial consultation, marketing strategy, demographic targeting, artwork creation, print, fulfilment and the actual door drop delivery.

What is Leaflet Distribution?

Door-to-door leaflet distribution (D2D) is where a flyer or leaflet promoting your business is delivered through every door in a selected area. As a result, you can guarantee that everyone in specific postcode sectors will see your promotional material, and it compliments your direct mail campaigns effectively too.

"Mail isn't a one-off thing in a box; it's about building connections over time." JICMAIL

How to Target Demographically

There are a few key strategies that make door-to-door distribution really effective. First, your flyer distribution can reach your ideal buyer persona with our complimentary Experian Demographics Reports. This data profiling targets your audience efficiently and relevantly. Furthermore, we analyse the data and recommend the most appropriate postcode sectors accordingly. 

For instance, if you or your client are looking for recipients with houses valued over £350k (because you're an estate agent looking for more homes to sell), then we choose the postcodes (e.g. to the level of HD6 1) with the most houses over £350k. This strategy increases the likelihood that your flyer is going to land in the perfect hallways.

 "The younger generation is engaging with door drops because it's a novelty to get a physical item." 

Your Artwork Must be Actionable

The artwork for your leaflet distribution plays a significant role in the overall return on your investment. Artwork must instantly impact the receiver - be relevant and engaging. 

You only have three seconds to compel the receiver to take action. Therefore, the artwork image(s), headline, call to action, and content must focus on identifying the receivers' needs and presenting your business as their solution. Our Graphic Design Team, therefore, create artwork for you accordingly. 

"65% of door drops are looked at immediately upon arrival, with 10% resulting in commercial activity." 

How to Choose the Perfect Print

Your print choices have a powerful impact on your response rates, so be creative! While there's nothing wrong with a standard A5 double-sided flyer, where budgets permit, many more creative and impactful options are available. 

From uniquely folded items, items in envelopes, unusual shapes, and much more, our print team are here to help.

"10% of door drops sent result in some form of commercial action being taken, meaning someone in the household has bought or used a voucher (2%), gone online to find out more (2%) or discussed the contents of the mailing (6%)."

The Door Drop Strategy

A multi-stage campaign consistently proves to be the most successful strategy for our clients. This is where we regularly send a leaflet for your company or client to the same postcode sectors; for example, we could do a leaflet drop to the same postcodes in February, March and April. 

It increases the number of responses you receive and promotes sustained business growth. It reminds people to take you up on your offer if they've stowed away your first leaflet for safekeeping. It creates brand awareness, and brand trust and reminds people of what you have to offer, resulting in brand engagement. 

This strategy has brought businesses great response rates, and we recommend it to everyone. There's never a TV advert that's shown just once, so neither should your print marketing be!

"Advertising mail delivers increased customer value by increasing sales activity through long-term engagement." DMA

Royal Mail Door to Door Service

The most frequent question we get asked is 'how reliable is your distribution service?' Customers are often worried that their flyers won't get delivered. Don't worry, though. We use Royal Mail for the distribution element of your campaign. 

They are reliable, and traceable and give us nationwide coverage. Royal Mail staff are paid fairly, have strong job security and are all too aware of the consequences if they dispose of the post of marketing material. 

This is not always the case for independent distributors, often working 'self-employed' on incomes way below the national living wage, with little or no job security offered. Who would you prefer to deliver your flyer for you?!

 "The average time door drops are kept in the house is 38 days, and 23% of all mail gets shared around the household." 

The Complete Flyer Distribution Service

We can fulfil the appropriate services you require from us. Below is a condensed list of the components that go into our door-to-door distribution campaigns:

1. Campaign strategy – weighing up the advantages of a multi-campaign.

2. Postcode selection (which dictates quantity) – finding the best areas for your demographic.

3. Postcode availability check – to ensure no competing flyers are distributed together.

4. Print-ready artwork – including a call to action, incentivising the recipient to respond.

5. Print – whether a flyer, brochure, magazine or any other appropriate printed item.

6. Enclosure (where necessary) – envelopes or packaging can make your promotional material stand out.

7. Box, label and palletise printed items according to Royal Mail's strict specifications.

8. Courier to relevant Royal Mail WBC(s).

If you already provide some of these services in–house, feel free to choose the ones you require. For instance, if you're a printing company, you won't need that step – but we're happy to fill all the artwork, fulfilment and distribution gaps and make it as simple for you as possible.

"Your advertising mail (including leaflets, flyers and brochures) will deliver the best results if you design it with a big-picture view. Ensure that you map your customer journey out over a full year." DMA 

Next Steps

We're passionate about seeing your or your clients' business' grow – door-to-door distribution is a tried and tested marketing solution. 

We offer these strategies and all our expertise to ensure the best chance at a great return. Please contact us today to talk about how we can directly benefit your business.

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