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D2D Demographic Targeting, Made Simpler, Faster and Cheaper For Your Business

Leaflet Distributions with postcode-based demographic targeting ensure you receive the highest ROI by targeting people perfect for your product/service.


How to Find Prospects Who Want to Buy From You

One of the critical components in creating a successful leaflet distribution campaign is effective and appropriate targeting. We cover the whole of the UK, which is around 29 million addresses. Locations are broken down into postcode sectors, and it is these individual postcode sectors that we can pinpoint for you. For instance, if you or your client are looking for prospects with houses valued at £350k+ with an average age of 50+, we choose the postcodes (to the level of HD6 1, for example), which most accurately match this demographic. This strategy dramatically increases the likelihood that your flyer will land in the perfect hallways for your product/service.

How we Create targeted Leaflet Distributions

We provide you with complimentary targeted Experian demographic data, ensuring you deliver to the demographic that will benefit most from your product or service. There are certain parameters that we can factor in for you, including:

Only reach people living within a set distance from your business. Typically we calculate this by radius (e.g. a 3-mile radius from your business) or drive time. This is ideal for franchisees with a designated area they can market to and works on the realistic distance someone would be willing to travel to reach your business.

Postcode mapping will allow you to select those places to reach people living in certain houses or areas. Estate agents, in particular, are very savvy on local knowledge, so they often dictate to us which postcodes to target. But, on the other hand, our software can provide applicable postcodes for you.

In our initial consultation, we work with you to establish your ideal customer. You can select by:

  • Geographical location, road, postcode
  • Age
  • Household composition, i.e. married, number of children
  • Age of children
  • Householders affluence - house value or household income 
  • Type of housing, e.g. semi, bungalow, terrace, apartments, etc

You can also use this data to identify postcode sectors to avoid. For example, if you build house extensions or create garden makeovers, we would use 'type of housing' data to highlight high-density apartment postcodes and remove those postcodes from your list.

By using different targeting, you can establish which customer profiles engage with your business the most. Once you know this, you have a scalable model to find more customers who match your good customers.

The Rewards From Targeted Leaflet Drops

The overarching reward from using targeting in your leaflet campaigns is your return on investment. There's a saying by so many successful business people, "find your buyer first". This certainly applies here! You may build the most beautiful house extensions, but no matter what incentive you place on that flyer, there's no way you will convert someone living in an apartment block! So when we plan a door drop campaign for you, we look to ensure that the highest possible proportion of people receiving your flyer will have a need that your product/service can solve. 

Targeting, or understanding your target demographic, also forms the design decisions, along with the size, format and finish of your print. At Flow Fulfilment, we provide the complete service for you, from initial consultation, strategy, demographic targeting, artworkprint, and the actual leaflet distribution.

We would love to help you build your business using our tried and tested targeted leaflet distributions. So please do get in touch with us today ask to speak with one of our Door to Door Sales Consultants.

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